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We could have done it nice, but we chose to embrace your love for the Planet.

Because beautiful package means cardboard bleached with chlorine, printed in ink, filled with plastic bubble wrap and colored PVC tape.

A company that does not respect the environment inevitably damages it but we at REDMOON, like you, love nature.

We could have done it nice, but we chose sustainability for a cleaner world.
Let’s give the numbers! 15 trees + 440,000 liters of water + 7,600 Kwh of electricity are required to obtain one, one, ton of paper.

In 2013, more than 200 million tons of paper and cardboard were used for wrapping and packaging.

Do you know how many trees they correspond to? At 5,970,000,000!

We asked ourselves: what can we do?
In our city paper and cardboard are recycled, but not always all of them. We collect them from companies and individuals to pack your miniatures.

We could have made it nice, but we know you prefer it that way too!